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Washington Regional


Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Full Time


June 22, 2018

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Director of Pharmacy


Reports to Vice President of Logistics and is responsible for directing Medical System pharmacy program in accordance with all federal and state laws relating to the storage, compounding and distribution of drugs. Establishes department purchasing parameters and oversees acquisition, storage and inventory maintenance of pharmaceutical medications and supplies. Establishes and maintains record ¬keeping and bookkeeping systems for recording patient charges and in order to maintain adequate controls over requisitioning and dispensing of all pharmaceuticals. Regularly consults with Medical Staff regarding medication information (i.e., drug warnings issued, incompatibility of drugs and so forth) and use in drug therapy. 


  1. Develops, secures Medical Staff approval of, implements, monitors adherence to and administers departmental policies and procedures, and ensures same are in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. 
  2. Recommends and implements agreed-upon long and short term departmental goals and objectives in order to enhance department services. 
  3. Prepares, secures approval of and administers departmental capital expense and operating budgets. Monitors adherence to budgets and initiates corrective action as necessary. 
  4. Develops and administers all Pharmacy programs and services, ensuring prompt and accurate preparation and distribution of drugs and other pharmaceuticals to patients. 
  5. Evaluates new pharmaceutical drugs, supplies and equipment, and prepares written reports for senior Medical Center management detailing findings. Makes recommendations for acquisition of new or additional pharmacy equipment and supplies. 
  6. Regularly contacts buying group representative in order to obtain bids and/or negotiate prices; establishes approved vendor sources and department purchasing parameters; and oversees acquisition, storage and distribution of supplies. 
  7. Interviews, hires, evaluates the performance of and, when necessary, disciplines and discharges subordinate supervisory personnel. Provides guidance and direction to subordinate supervisors in resolving complex employee relations matters. 
  8. Participates in medical center quality assessment programs and drug usage evaluation programs in order to ensure the continuous improvement of Pharmaceutical services within the system. 
  9. Initiates and maintains inventory control procedures. Supervises maintenance of appropriate stock levels. Assigns personnel to process purchase orders, maintain inventory and purchasing records, monitor usage and dating of pharmacy supplies and inventory, and maintain records for controlled substances. 
  10. Develops and maintains an effective drug information service for physicians and other Medical Center personnel in order to disseminate such information as warnings issued about certain drugs, incompatibility of drugs, new medications and so forth. 
  11. Monitors processing of Pharmacy charges, ensuring medications and supplies are properly entered and payments credited to each patient's or employee's account.
  12. Provides for staff inservices, journals, and information concerning pharmacy seminars and meetings. Ensures the competence of staff pharmacists through appropriate continuing education. Disseminates drug information to health care professionals and patients. 
  13. Maintains knowledge of current trends and developments in the field by reading appropriate books, journals and other literature and attending related seminars, conferences and the like. 
  14. Is a voting member of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and participates actively in the initiation, maintenance, and control of the System drug formulary system. 
  15. Manages Pharmacy department personnel. Assigns responsibility to Pharmacy and Pharmacy Tech. Supervisors. Responsible for prompt completion of Pharmacy duties. 
  16. Consults with other department directors, System administration, and other System personnel as needed. Initiates appropriate action to correct problem areas and supervises interaction between Pharmacy personnel, System personnel, and the public. 


  • Integrate the department into the primary function of the Medical Center, including being responsive to changing needs or unusual/urgent events that occur within the Medical Center and participating in cross-organizational activities designed to improve organizational performance, as appropriate. 
  • Coordinate and integrate inter- and intra-departmental services. In patient care areas, define, in writing, the scope and goals of the services provided specifically addressing: 
    • The type(s) and age(s) of the patients served 
    • The scope and complexity of the patients' care needs 
    • The extent to which the level of care provided will meet the patients' needs 
    • The appropriateness, clinical necessity, and timeliness of support services provided directly by the organization or through referral services 
    • The availability of necessary staff 
    • The recognized standards or guidelines for practice, when available 
    • The methods that will be used to assess and meet patients' needs  
  • Develop, gain Administrative approval of, and implement policies and procedures that guide and support the provision of departmental services. 
  • Recommend a sufficient number of qualified and competent persons to provide departmental services and assist in the Medical Center's recruiting and retention efforts to provide the number of staff recommended. 
  • Determine the qualifications and competence of department personnel. 
  • Continually assess the needs for and strive to improve the performance of care and quality of the services provided. 
  • Maintain, as appropriate, quality control and quality improvement programs. 
  • Provide directly or provide access to orientation and continuing education of all personnel in the department. 
  • Make recommendations for space and other resources needed by the department as necessary. 
  • Participation in the selection of off-site resources needed for services related to the department but not provided by the department. 
  • Conduct regular staff meetings to communicate issues regarding the Medical Center's mission, values, operational plans, safety, quality, and other relevant inter- and intra-departmental issues. 
  • Provide timely and effective feedback to individuals responsible for coordinating organizational performance improvement activities and, on an individual and departmental level, actively participate in those activities, as appropriate. 


  • Knowledge of drugs and other pharmaceuticals, laws relating to same, and pharmaceutical storage and distri-bution requirements at a level normally acquired through completion of a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and completion of one year internship, plus valid Arkansas Pharmacist license. 
  • Approximately seven to ten years progressively more responsible related work experience, including approximately three to five years in a supervisory capacity, necessary in order to gain comprehensive understanding of Pharmacy Services; the preparation, storage and distribution of drugs; compounding and dispensing medications according to standard physical and chemical procedures; and to direct Medical Center-wide drug program. 
  • Interpersonal skills necessary in order to communicate effectively with a wide variety of Medical Center personnel, patients and members of the community, and effectively lead subordinate work groups. 
  • Analytical skills necessary in order to prepare and administer budgets, evaluate current methods of delivering service to patients and assess effectiveness of these methods, and recommend new techniques and procedures. 


  • Reports to Vice President 
  • Overall responsibility for entire Pharmacy department staff including exempt supervisory personnel, exempt professional personnel and nonexempt technical and service personnel.

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