Job Seeker Account

How much does a job seeker account cost?

There is no charge to create an account or post your resume.


What does a job seeker’s registered account entail?

Once created you can tailor your account by adding contact information, past work experience, and more to facilitate the job application process. You can upload different resumes and cover letters to make applying for jobs on site even easier.


How can upload my resume?

You can add, modify, or delete your resume by selecting “Resumes & Cover Letters” under the menu bar. You may post more than one resume in your account. You can hide your resume from employers that have access to the resume database by de­selecting the checkbox “make this resume searchable to employers” when you are uploading/adding a resume.


Should I use a separate resume for every job?

Absolutely. No two job descriptions are the same. We always recommend customizing your resume for each and every job you apply to. Take time to review the job description carefully and research the company. Make sure your resume includes the required skills and technology requested in the job description. Also be sure you reference the work processes and specific keywords mentioned in the posting.


How do I change my password or email?

Log in with your current email address and password. Click My Account and Edit Profile found under the Job Seeker navigation button, then select the "edit" link next to your name.


How do I edit my contact information?

Log in with your current email address and password. Click My Account and Edit Profile found under the Job Seeker navigation button.


How do I delete my account?

Please contact us to delete your account and all of your information.



Job Searching

How can I stay current on new jobs that match my resume?

Sign up for job alerts to have a list of new postings automatically emailed to you. You can create and edit your alerts at any time to help customize the types of jobs you are receiving.

To create or modify, log into your account and select “Job Alerts” from the main menu.


Do I need to be registered to apply for a job?

No! Anyone can apply for a job on our site. However, you will not be able to store your resume or keep track of the jobs you've applied to unless you are registered and logged in at the time you apply for a job.


Job Searching - Basic and Advanced Techniques

A basic job search can be found in many places throughout the career center. Our main page features the basic search at the top of the page. To use this type of search, select as many or as few fields as you wish and hit “Browse Job Listing.

If you're looking for a more in-depth job search, on the right-hand side of the Search Results page select Search and enter Keywords and the Fields necessary for your search.

If you’re looking to narrow down search results, use the Browse feature on the right-hand side of the Search Results page.

Be sure to perform multiple searches using a variety of search parameters, as employers may not always post their jobs in areas you think. If you are not getting good results, try broadening your search by reducing the number of parameters used.


What are saved jobs?

You may choose to save a list of jobs to review at a later date. Saved jobs can be found in the "Saved Jobs" area on your Account page. Your saved jobs will be remembered until you choose to 

delete them. Note: If a job expires and is removed from our system, you will not be able to recover the saved job.